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Blueinno provides AI Computer Vision Solutions that help clients reduce costs and save money in their operations.


Blueinno AI Division 

Blueinno Technology is an education technology company founded in 2016 to provide STEM and AI training to kids and corporations. In 2020, our AI Division was formed. Our mission is to provide computer vision solutions to make an impact. Blueinno is currently under the NVIDIA Inception Program.


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Main Benefits:

  • Image and Video Analytics

  • Surgical Counting AI Solutions

  • Computer Vision with Camera


Blueinno AI Solutions

AI Surgical Counting Solution

Our AI Surgical Counting Solution assists nurses in tracking all surgical tools efficiently in Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD). It saves time and reduces costs.

  • Used Object Detection to identify the missing instruments (~98% Accuracy within 3s) 
  • Deployed in United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong

Images for AI Object Comparison

Bag Check System

  • Used AI Object reidentification to locate objects without training samples. 
  • Use AI to match objects bringing in and bringing out for security Check in / out of premises.

Face Mask Detection

  • Implemented Object Detection technology to identify face mask usage.
  • Initiated research during the first COVID wave, in collaboration with NVIDIA AI Technology Centre Hong Kong, and published findings in HKIE Transactions.

AI Technologies

Object Detection and Recognition

Discover our AI's ability to detect and recognize objects with remarkable accuracy—a smart vision for the future.

Image Processing Template Matching

Using OpenCV and AI models, we accurately compare images, enhancing identification and analysis tasks.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Models like OCR assist in detecting and decoding text in images, improving data extraction and analysis.

Featured in 

雙算法攻「智慧醫院」應用 減省資源效率改善

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